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MHS Radiators introduces the Ambiguard LST range

May 31, 2016

MHS Radiators has introduced the Ambiguard to its portfolio of low surface temperature (LST) radiators. Economical and safe, all products in the range are easy to install and benefit from rounded corners with no sharp edges. Constructed from 1.2mm steel, Ambiguard LST radiator casings comply with ‘NHS Guidance: Safe hot water and surface temperatures’. They also boast ‘pencil proof’ locking grilles, lockable access panels and reflective backplates which enhance heating efficiency.

All Ambiguard LST radiators feature easy access, lockable front covers for cleaning purposes and access to internal TRV if chosen.

The Ambiguard LST range contains 2,120 element models with outputs of 86 to 3,794 watts. Element emitters consist of finned tube blocks with aluminium fins mechanically bonded to copper tube to ensure maximum heat transfer. Additionally, there are 1,174 Kompakt radiator (single and double panel) versions of Ambiguard with outputs ranging from 184 to 3,191 watts.

The Ambiguard LST product comes in a variety of heights, from 340mm to 2,400mm, with widths spanning from 500mm to 2,400mm.

There are four different styles of LST case available, with the first, Style A, wall mounted with top outlet and bottom inlet grille. Style B is floor/wall mounted with top outlet grille and front facing inlet grille, while Style C has grilles the same as Style B with additional plinth. Finally, Style D is a vertical model with both top bottom front facing grilles and solid top.

Perfect for applications where safety is a priority, from hospitals to prisons, schools to nurseries, all Ambiguard radiators from MHS are tested in accordance with BS EN442 and are supplied in a durable antibacterial polyester powder coated finish.

All backplates and internal brackets are self-finished hot dipped galvanised steel. Cases (front access panels, side panels, grilles and plinths) are degreased, iron phosphated and coated in polyester powder RAL 9010 white 30% gloss as standard. A variety of other colours (including Magnolia, Nut Brown and Goosewing Grey), as well as internal and external valve kits, are also available. Each Ambiguard LST radiator is also backed by a 5-year warranty in respect of defective materials and manufacture defects.